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We Help Prevent Ice Damming in Hopewell Junction, Poughkeepsie, Wappingers Falls, Newburgh, NY

Ice damming on a NY home's roof and gutters

Ice dams form at the eave and in the gutter. Leaks and cracks on the roof may result in water damage to your ceilings, walls, roof structure and insulation.

Ice dams generally occur after a heavy snowfall - where a ridge of ice forms along the eave and gutter, preventing melting snow from properly draining. The snow melts where your home loses heat- on the warm underside of your roof.This melted water drains along the roof until it reaches the ice dam and re-freezes.

Problems associated with ice dams:

If you notice especially large icicles along your gutter, or water spot(s) on the ceiling under the roof, you may have an ice damming problem. Our company will help prevent this type of damage from occurring by properly air sealing and insulating your attic space. Dr. Energy Saver Dutchess County is your local energy saving contractor offering solutions to ice damming and improving attic insulation coverage.

Dr. Energy Saver Dutchess County can prevent this all from happening by keeping the roof cold. Don't let ice dams ruin your holidays, call us for a free inspection and estimate to prevent ice dams in your New York home.  We service Poughkeepsie, Hopewell Junction, Newburgh, Wappingers Falls, Stormville, Pouquag, Lagrangeville, Holmes, Clinton Corners, Staatsburg, Pawling, and all surrounding areas.

Damage associated with ice damming

After a heavy snowfall, ice dams are commonly formed whenever rooftop snow has had several days to melt and then re-freeze; causing an ice build-up that prevents other melting snow from channeling away from the roof.

Once an ice dam is formed water collects between the dam and the snow. This often results in water leaking into the attic, soaking the wall insulation, interior ceiling, and wall surfaces. Such ice accumulation outside the house can ruin gutter systems, reduce the effectiveness of insulation, pose a safety hazard, and can cause structural damage.

Some New York homes with ice damming problems have sustained hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of damage. Contact us today to prevent this kind of serious damage of ice damming on your home.

How do ice dams form?

A drop-down stair leading to an attic

Poorly insulated and unsealed attic accesses cause a good portion of warm air to escape into your attic area. Warmer rooftops (attics) are more likely to melt snow on your roof and ultimately form ice dams.

Our company will properly insulate and air seal your attic hatch or drop-down stairs to significantly reduce the amount of melting snow on your roof.

Snow builds up on the roof, followed closely by a warming of the rooftop - causing the snow to melt. Snow melting from the top of your roof will trickle down and freeze at the eaves, forming icicles. Your gutters will then fill solid with ice, creating a "ridge" or "dam" that doesn't let water properly channel off your roof.

Instead, the melted water channels into the attic and living space through any crack or opening it finds on the exterior roof. This trapped water will leak into your home as opposed to traveling through your gutters and away from your home.

Sometimes, the water freezes right at the edge of the roof before it even reaches the gutters. Either way, the resulting ridge of ice forms a dam that creates a reservoir of water. When this happens, it's only a matter of time before the water seeps beneath roof shingles and leaks into the attic.

Preventing ice damming in Dutchess and Ulster Counties

  1. The golden rule - Keep the roof cold:

    In the winter time, a cold roof is better than a warmer one. A cold roof won't let the snow melt unevenly on the upper portions of your rooftop and then re-freeze at the eaves and gutter, forming ice dams. Ideally, the entire roof should be thermally isolated from the home’s living space, so that the roof temperature is more uniform from eave to ridge. The temperature of the entire roof should be dependent on exterior temperature. Unfortunately it sometimes depends on heat that leaks into the attic from the living space.

    Since an ice dam is the direct effect of most homeowners' struggles with air leaks and inadequate attic insulation, heat transfer between the living space and the roof surface must be eliminated.

  2. Next step: Air-seal and insulate the attic:

    Most houses have inadequate attic insulation and an abundance of air leaks that allow conditioned air from the living space to escape into the attic. Heat will rise by convection through your living space into your attic space and eventually through the roof; causing ice dams to form. To solve this problem, it’s necessary to eliminate “communication” between the living space and the roof surface.

    By contacting our company one of our skilled professionals can solve your problem by air sealing leaks and properly installing the recommended levels of insulation. Air leaks between the living space and the attic can be difficult to find and seal on your own. That’s why it’s important to have this work done by experienced workers like the pros at Dr. Energy Saver Dutchess County. Investing in these attic upgrades will enable you to stop worrying about ice dams while also enjoying significant energy savings.

Ice damming solutions in New York

If your home has icicles large in diameter or your completely unsure if you have ice dams, contact us, we are your local energy saving company offering professional ice dam solutions to New York homeowners. One of our energy specialists will inspect your attic space; evaluating your insulation, checking for air leaks and proper attic ventilation. We can prevent ice dams from forming on your roof by keeping the interior air within your conditioned space instead of escaping through your attic and warming your roof-top.

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